Back Your Team and Place Your Bet


Back Your Team and Place Your Bet

2 July 2019

It is quite easy for you to go through the list of several teams in order to decide which to bet on. The simple option is to back your team and place your bet with Betway because the potential gains are first highlighted before you make the decision of completing the wager or not.

When you reach the betway sports betting site, all you should do is click on the ‘Football’ section and you’ll be able to know the available matches.

Football betting

In case you want to access the upcoming games easily, all you get is a ‘Coupons’ option that is displayed at the very first top of the order and this is the reason for the separate lists like ‘UK matches’.

When you add selections from these areas, what it means is that you’re predicting the match result from the goals scored in the league. You can also make an over/under prediction on the total goals scored.

Each of the fixtures come with odds for the possible outcome. The home teams are placed in the ‘1’ column, ‘X’ and it means that the draw and away sides are going to fall under ‘2’.

When you scroll over your desired option, you then have to click on it for your team to show on the ‘Bet slip’ feature and this will also come with the appropriate price.

Keep up with this process for all the other matches you want and the results you forecasted will be put on your ‘Bet slip’ where the total odds will be listed and you get to see an example of the particular winnings you can get on that stake.

You can even create more selections easily because it gives you the advantage of increasing your potential pay-outs if the choices you make eventually turn out correctly.

On betway, you’ll see lots of ways that you can view the upcoming matches and the major tournaments like Champions League are assigned to their own sections. There are sections for the different countries too.

During a regular European season, you get to see more than 50 regions and this the popular destinations like England, Germany, Italy and Spain top the order.

When you click on England, you’ll be directed to divisions like the Premier League and the Championship. Germany leads you to the Bundesliga, Italy will take you to the Serie A while Spain offers the LaLiga fixtures.

If you want to bet, you can open any number of tournament at one time and then go through their lists of games to choose which one you like.

As soon as you click on a team name or ‘X’ and your choices will be added to your Bet slip MULTI BET

On each fixture, you get a link that takes you further to betting on the individual match where you can select other options. Options available include: correct score, half-time/full-time odds or goalscorer odds.

To do this, you just need to click on a selection and it will be immediately added to your Bet slip MULTI BET. Each time you add something, the total odds and possible winnings will be automatically recorded.